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Aberdeen's research shows that companies who integrate sales processes into their CRM outperform competitors in their markets and end up with more folks hitting quota and seeing their revenue grow faster on a year-over-year basis.

I'm Peter Ostrow, Research Director For Sales Effectiveness with the Aberdeen Group. When I'm asked about CRM integration of sales training content that's really a very complex question.

Why? Because we know that traditionally sales organizations are populated by a lot of different types of personalities. Many of whom are not necessarily as inclined as we would like to enter information into the CRM or SFA tool. They may be holding some of their contacts and information a little bit close to the vest under the belief that most of the reason why that information needs to be entered or the system used frankly it's just because the folks at the top of the food chain need to know more about what's going on.

However, our research shows that the best-in-class companies within the sales training world actually integrate sales training content and modules right into the CRM instance. Much as salespeople for these top-performing companies are able to click on various tabs to do their own email marketing campaigns throughout their own customer base or let's say go to an electronics contract tool or a configure price quote instance or perhaps look up new information about their people, companies, and industries, we know that putting sales training content right there in the interface that the folks are using in the sales organization is very effective. We also know that the companies with higher levels of CRM adoption also use more sales training content and as a result end up with more folks hitting quota and seeing their revenue grow faster on a year-over-year basis.

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