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Lynn McInturf Associates Incorporated | Cincinnati, OH

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Sandler Training Cincinnati Podcasts

The Sandler Training Podcasts are designed to help sales professionals and business leaders get to the top and stay there. Check back each week for the latest episode!

How To Succeed At Selling Technology

You will learn how to get to the top and stay there as we explore:

Why Attitude is important to long-term success

How Behavior affects your chances of success

How to improve your Technique for greater successRich's greatest success, biggest failure, and favorite Sandler rule

How To Succeed At Questioning

Learn how to succeed at questioning.

How to Succeed at Making Up Front Contracts

Lynn McInturf, a long-time Sandler trainer from Cincinnati, shares her thoughts about how to set up-front contracts for what will happen next in a sales call, business meeting, or at home with your children. No matter who you are interacting with setting expectations about what will happen next is an important part of the communication dynamic

Learn how to succeed at making up-front contracts!

How To Succeed At Listening

Learn how to succeed at listening.

How to Succeed at Shortening Your Sales Cycle

Lauren Valentine, a Sandler trainer from Albany, talks about her best practices for shortening your sales cycle and closing deals faster. Whether you are looking for a one-call close or have a long cycle that needs to be quicker, Lauren shares her attitudes, behaviors, and techniques for moving deals through the pipeline quickly.

Learn how to succeed at shortening your sales cycle!

How to Succeed at Leading By Example

Joel Burstein, a Sandler trainer from Pittsburg, talks about his best practices for leading by example. Whether you are a first time manager or an experienced executive you are leading by example, whether you are intending to or not. Joel shares his attitudes, behaviors, and techniques for leading a team by setting a good example.

Learn how to succeed at leading by example!

How to Succeed at Managing Expectations

Amy Woodall, a Sandler trainer, talks about her best practices for managing expectations. Whether you are setting a first appointment with a prospect, setting clear guidelines for delivery, or just talking with your co-workers or spouse, setting expectations can be the difference between success and failure. Amy shares attitudes, behaviors, and techniques for setting clear up-front agreements with others.

Learn how to succeed at managing expectations!

How to Succeed at Aligning Sales and Marketing

Erik Host-Steen, Founder of SMP Alignment, shares his best practices for aligning your sales and marketing teams. From effective handoffs to qualified leads and using technology to smooth out the process. Erik talks about how to get your sales and marketing departments to work together.

Learn how to succeed at aligning sales and marketing!

How to Succeed at Selling Something No One Has Ever Heard Of

Matt Pletzer, a Sandler Trainer, shares his best practices for selling something new that no one has ever heard of. Sure, we would all love to be Apple and have people talking about us all the time and people lined up to buy our new products. Unfortunately, most salespeople have to try to open doors and new markets when the prospects have never heard of you. In this episode, Matt talks about the attitude, behavior, and technique of doing just that.

Learn how to succeed at selling something no one has ever heard of!

How To Succeed At Trade Shows and Events

Ermine Amies, a Sandler trainer from Norfolk, UK, shares her best practices for making the most out of trade shows, events, exhibitions, and conferences. This is a great listen as we get closer to the Sandler Annual Sales and Leadership Summit and further into trade show season. Learn how to take advantage of pre-work, event marketing, and post-show follow-up.