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Lynn McInturf Associates Incorporated | Cincinnati, OH

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Questioning Strategies Cheat Sheet

Ask the right questions to book more appointments, shorten your sales cycle, and close your deals faster.

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Lynn McInturf Associates

Ask the right questions to get to the root of the prospect's motivation, intention, and business challenge.  Fill out the form to get the 6 questions you should be asking when qualifying prospects.

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"Lynn McInturf Associates has been a true training partner to the Fischer Group sales team for over two years. More than 30 sales professionals and nearly a dozen managers have been given great support by Lynn McInturf, Jana Alverson and the staff of LMA. The comprehensive approach of start-up training, company specific reinforcement, and continuous generic skills workshops make their service unique. Additional services, such as pre-hire screening and mystery skills assessment are further benefits that add value to our relationship. Collecting our feedback and tailoring the training to the needs of the Fischer Group has really helped keep our team interested and progressing. In the era of "quick fixes" and one-day wonder seminars, any company orienting itself to the tough, nitty-gritty details of creating a sales culture of learning will find a great asset in LMA. We are looking forward to building on success in our third year with LMA."

Russ Beymer Director of Marketing The Fischer Group