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Lynn McInturf Associates Incorporated | Cincinnati, OH

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Consistent and disciplined use of sales processes continues to be a challenge for many sales organizations.

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Successful sales organizations need to develop more effective methods designed to secure and retain top sales talent.

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The use of a Sales Process is increasing but can still be improved.

What is your sales process and how does your organizational structure map to it?

  • What key measures are you using to track sales effectiveness?
  • Know you can do better but don’t know how to get to the next level?
  • Do you want to drive sales by increasing sales funnel or increase close-ratio?
  • Are current levels of missed quotas are still too high?


You need to assess the current level of sales support in the organization.


Use the Sales Effectiveness | Sales Acceleration Survey to benchmark and collect data for sales team effectiveness. You will be able to discover your strengths and weaknesses and be proactive with improving your sales process.


  • Determines how to better support sales
  • Helps to brainstorm ideas for improvement
  • Increases alignment between sales & marketing
  • Rates support of sales activities & training

A mix of organization practices and behavioral changes are required to stay competitive

Do your sales organization performance metrics measure relative effectiveness of the sales organization in key areas including sales growth, sources of sales growth, quota achievement and turnover?

"Lynn McInturf & Associates has allowed our organization to continually increase our sales growth through ongoing reinforcement of the Sandler Sales System. They have given us the knowledge and confidence to quit selling to non-qualified suspects and to only focus on qualified prospects. We have eliminated unpaid consulting and have learned to focus on the prospect's pain. Jana has helped me personally grow, both in confidence and knowledge, as a sales representative and a sales manager. Our continued growth in sales has more than paid for the training investment."

Brent Degenhardt Co-owner City Wide Maintenance